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Tuesday , May 13 , 2014
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Links to Web Comics I like to read.

Finn and Charlie are Hitched

If you want a good comic about gay marriage, this is it.

This is a really good comic by C Edwards. I first started reading it in early 2005, and of course kept reading it not realizing I didn't put it in my links page. I love the character designs. It reminds me of late 50's, early 60's animation with sharp geometical shapes and straight lines. It's great stuff.

This is a gay themed comic about a male couple making their way through everyday, ordinary life and trying to keep their sanity at the same time. It's a great comic and so easy to relate to.

This is a wonderful comic. I love the characters... and the artwork - envy, envy, envy.

Links to Friends of Straight Ahead.

Where Gay and Lesbian Comic Book Characters Live

This is a website link that was sent to me by Lilly. It a great resource site of LGBT comic characters.

Straight Ahead in My Mongoose E-Zines (warning: adult content)

Straight Ahead in Dreaming of Sentinels

A website by Patt Rose, a long time fan of Straight Ahead.

Links to Web Comics that are finished, dormant, or on hiatus.

This is a comic by Leanne Franson about a bi-dyke named Liliane. The artwork and storylines have a storybook feel to them that makes you want to keep on reading. Thoroughly enjoyable stuff.

This is a new gay themed comic I found by Steve Dixon. I like the character design in this one.

Here's another new gay themed comic I found by Xavier Jones. I like the sketchy look of the artwork. It has a free flowing look and feel to it. And it's funny too.

This is a comic by Ryan Reid about a little robot stranded on earth. Great artwork and storylines.

This is a crazy, wacky comic. It has zany characters and storylines that can go anywhere. Hold on to your hats when you read this one.

This is a gay themed cartoon that's ended. Have a look at the archives.

This is a gay themed comic that has just ended. The archives are gone, but there are still some examples of his artwork.

Another one that has ended, and quite suddenly. The comic is about having Satan as a roommate. His name's Hank, by the way.

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